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Second Project meeting

Zephyr Project 2nd Meeting

11-12 April 2013 


Agenda Thursday 11 April

 09h00 Welcome by the Coordinator Prof. Bartolomeo Schirone

09h15 Adoption of the agenda and general overview of the project (Carlo Polidori)

10h00 Report on the status of each running technical WPs (WP leaders)



10h00 WP2 by ACREO


10h45 Coffee Break and visit to a growth unit already running under another project (which will be the basis of the new Zephyr Unit)


11h45 WP3 by Dalarna University

13h00 Lunch Break


14h00 WP4 by IFAM


14h45 WP7 by VELTHA


15h30 WP1 by UNITUS/Veltha

16h15 appointment of the internal peer reviewers, according to the project quality plan

16h30 definition of the participants at the separate tables of discussion for the second day; decision about the next meeting and workshop (according to the DoW): place and date

17h00 Coffee break

17h30 Open discussion

18h30 End of the first day

 20h00 Project Dinner  



Friday 12 April

09h00 Management issues,

09h30 Dissemination Issues

10h00 Separate tables of discussion, as defined in the previous day : it is possible to participate at more than one table (Rapporteursare in charge of the minutes off the meetings)

11h30 Coffee Break

11h00 Separate table of discussions

13h00 Lunch Break

14h00 Common discussion

16h00 Any other business



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