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Third project meeting inside an UNESCO event


20-22 November 2013


The UNESCO Italian Committee launched the week “Education for Sustainable Development” from 18 to 24 November 2013; Veltha and Vivai Torsanlorenzo decided to organize during such a week a series of events related to multiple EU projects and applied for the UNESCO sponsorship.

The aim was to have a series of international events (all related to biodiversity conservation and sustainable development) concentrated in the five days of the UNESCO week and allow an actual exchange of experiences and point of view between partners of 3 different EU funded projects coming from 11 different EU Countries and several stakeholders.

This initiative achieved the UNESCO sponsorship as shown in in the figure (no money or kinds: only the insertion of the event in their list and the authorization for using their logos) and was successfully held during the period from 19th to 23rd November 2013 with both public and restricted (only on invitation) events, as for the programmes in the figure above.







this allowed Zephyr partners to exchange relationships with other EU projects, participating at their seminars and having dinner together

The agenda of the specific Zephyr project meeting on 21 November was the following:

h11,30 Presentation of WP2: status and progresses (WP Leader Acreo)

 h12,00 Discussion on WP2

h13,00 Lunch Break

h14,30 Brief Presentation of WP3 status and progresses  (WP leader Dalarna University)

h14,40 Presentation of the results of the research  group  Dalarna University (Anders Mattsson, Marco Hernandez and Frank Fiedler)

h15.10 Presentation of the results of the research  group Insubria University (Donato Chiatante, Nicoletta Fulgaro, Barbara Baesso, Mattia Terzaghi and Antonio Montagnoli

 h15.40Presentation of the results of the research  group  Tuscia University (Bartolomeo Schirone, Federico Vessella, Tatiana Marras and Maria Raffaella Ortolani)

16h10 Cofee break

h16.30 Presentation of the results of the research  group of Demeter University (Kalliopi Radoglou, ..

h17.00 Discussion (moderator Donato Chiatante)

h18.00 End of the first day of meeting


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