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4th Project meeting


Zephyr Project Meeting


27-28 March 2014


Regione Lazio Representation in Brussels Rond-Point Shuman 14 - Brussels


Thursday 27th of March 2014

14h00 Welcome Coffee

14h30 Introduction by the Coordinator Prof. Bartolomeo Schirone and adoption of the Agenda

14h45 End of the first reporting period – cost statements and progress report – overall strategy and tasks of each partner – Carlo Polidori

15h15 WP3 Growth protocols and biological validation – Donato Chiatante

15h40WP4 - Development of the technical components  introduction by the WP leader and brief presentation by each involved partner of


Optical sensing and software

Robotic arm system

Lighting system

HVAC system

Irrigation and Rotation system

Power supply system

Container and support for the PV panels

18h00 Resume of the discussions and updating or the second day agenda

18h30 End of the first day


20h00 Project Dinner  Restaurant  and address will be indicated in the final version of the agenda


 Thursday 28th of March 2014

08h30 Welcome Coffee

09h00 Speech of the EC project officer Mr. Thomas Turecki; questions and answers

09h45 WP5 System Integration - Manuel Ramiro

10h45 -Coffee Break.

11h15 WP7 – Dissemination and Exploitation – Silvia Giannisi and Carlo Polidori

During this session will be also presented:

  • -        

    A proposal of integration of the article 8.1 of Consortium Agreement, with more detailed rules related to the IPR sharing

  • -        

    The presentation of a Swedish incubator interested in helping the exploitation activities of the Consortium

12h15 Snack Lunch

13h15 Definition of the next meeting (place and date)

13h30 Any other business


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