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Inauguration by the Governor of the Lombardia Region

 The Zephyr Unit has been inaugurated by the Governor of the Lombardia Region Mr. Roberto Maroni on 15 March 2015

During the event the unit also run in remote , being controlled from Madrid by Advantic (Manuel Ramiro) 


The event has been reported on the TV news

- click here to see the clip 







The Governor with the Rector of Insubria University, Prof. Donato Chiatante (Uninsubria), Silvia Giannisi (Veltha) and Uninsubria Researchers







"Handshaking" with the Zephyr robotic Arm











A gift for the Governor ( by left: Prof. Donato Chiatante, Mr. Roberto Maroni, Nicoletta Fulgaro, Mattia Terzaghi, Silvia Giannisi, Rosaria Santamaria)


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